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January 25, 2017

I think I’m coming down with a cold. I feel achy, dry, and weird. The Soylent can’t protect me from this, apparently. Maybe it’s possible the lack of physical, traditional food has compromised my immune system? Not sure – but I still feel mentally great. Very positive and stable and capable.


With the way folks have been hacking and coughing around the office for the past month, I’m surprised I haven’t caught something until now – and maybe thanks is partially due to Soylent for that. But still – it’s here – the cold – and I feel that it’s only gonna get worse (but maybe not that worse – thanks Soylent? – or fuck you Soylent? – I technically haven’t had a cold, weak or strong, in about a year – so maybe fuck you Soylent?).

Smooth and creamy yet weak,


P.S. Metrics, She Coughed and spilled her Theraflu all over the goddam floor


Fever Dream