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January 19, 2017

My general anxiety has more or less receded since starting this challenge, but it seems to have returned in the past couple of days. I believe it’s due to my intake of caffeine – and possibly due to the time at which I consume it. For fun (and hopefully increased weight loss, maybe), I’ve added green tea extract and HCA to my daily routine – I take them both around noon, about a half hour before my lunch drink. I instantly feel a spark of energy, but I also feel slightly on edge. It lessens after an hour, but then I am fully anxious – and hot, so hot – around 4 pm. I will try taking the supplements around 4 pm instead to see if my body takes to them better at a different time. I’ve also switched from mixing coffee into my Soylent to mixing a shot of espresso into my Soylent (less diluted that way), but I think there is significantly more caffeine in the espresso shot than there was in my 8 oz cup of coffee, so I’m going to try halving that espresso shot (my company’s machine spits out a pretty full mini-cup). I’m probably not drinking enough during the day because I’m usually forcing it down around 9 pm each night, and I prefer to stop food intake after 8:30 pm, because I tend to have difficulty sleeping if I eat after 9. I haven’t had a great night’s sleep since the weekend.

I hope I can sleep tonight.


P.S. Metrics, She Wrote