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“We da main man Stan!” – The Blair Thumb

With the first week of my Soylent adventure coming to a close, I’ve got a lot to be proud of, despite a minor failure (the four gin-and-seltzers I had on Sunday night).

I have frequent flavor-pangs (technically, I’m not unusually “hungry” on a daily basis – I just want all sorts of tasty foods). However, I’ve consistently stuck to my strict diet of Soylent and select accompanying supplements.

I’ve noticed a few changes:

  • I’ve already lost 5 pounds (yay).
  • Soylent really is so satisfying (though only when cold). It’s a fantastic product, once you get over its campy, dystopian qualities. Yes, it’s weird; but it’s also incredibly easy to prepare, delicious, satisfying, and adaptable to your personal taste. After each sip, my brain says, “Yum – that’s delectable. Also, I want a fried chicken. And Twizzlers.”
  • My muscles are recovering less quickly following workouts. This is probably due to both my reduced calorie and reduced protein intake. As recommended by my muscly roommate, I’ll be adding a BCAA supplement to my post-workout protein shake. (Thanks, Terrell.) If I don’t notice an improvement after a few days, I will add a serving of almonds to my diet as well.
  • My emotional and physical stability are at awesome highs: to be frank, I feel great. I’m productive, I’m positive, and I’m energetic. When I experience any sort of negative emotion, I find that I have the extraordinary ability to wave the feeling away, allowing me to deal with the cause of the negativity. My anxiety levels are at a record low – when in social situations, I feel charismatic, confident, and capable. If pre-Soylent Frank, met during-Soylent Frank, pre-Soylent Frank would probably be really annoyed at during-Soylent Frank for being so goddam cheery all the time. “God I wish that during-Soylent Frank would stop fucking whistling,” pre-Soylent Frank would say. And honestly, pre-Soylent Frank can suck a dick.
  • A new dimension of difficulty has been added to social situations: extreme temptation. Drinking (alcohol) and eating food are not only enjoyable in and of themselves, they are also enjoyable as human bonding rituals. Opting out of those rituals has been a painful exercise and will continue to be one of my biggest challenges during my month of Soylent.

As always, here are the Metrics I wrote:

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About 70% Soylent at this point,