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Ok so I drank this:


Totally, all – completely, total – I drank it total. And I feel a number of things: I feel accomplished. I feel gross. I feel full. And I feel like I can do it again tomorrow.

Some Notes:

  • It’s a lot
  • It tastes precisely like pancake batter
  • For the most part, I will be drinking the Soylent powder, Soylent 1.7; the pre-bottled version, Soylent 2.0, is a hell of a lot less gross
  • A coworker recommended cinnamon for flavoring – I think I’ll try it (thank you, Sylvia)
  • Too much
  • I haven’t had to poop yet
  • I left it on my desk all day, which was a mistake, because you need to drink this shit cold; I’ll refrigerate it tomorrow
  • As recommended by several members of the Soylent Subreddit, I’m adding some daily fiber as well

I started my Ann Coulter deep-dive with In Trump We Trust!: E Pluribus Awesome, which I’m not going to link to because I really don’t want you to buy it – don’t buy it. The audiobook amplifies the horrible – she reads her own work, and she has the most annoying voice I’ve heard since I heard Sandra Lee say dairy words like “egg curm” and “melk”.

I’ve also begun keeping metrics of my Soylent Experience: Calories Consumed, Weight, Physical Exercise, Mood, Cravings, etc. You can check out all of them here:

Metrics, She Wrote

Heavily Creamily,