About a week ago, I intended to post my first solo wax review.  I set up my absolute favorite scent, and took my before-melting photos.  The scent is Geisha. It is a Candles by Victoria spot on dupe for Lush’s Rub Rub Rub which is an AMAZING orange blossom scented scrub. I’ve tried other orange blossom scented things and didn’t care for them so this definitely has other notes in it that I cannot pinpoint. Just buy it, it’s awesome. Alas, this review was not meant to be.


Candles by Victoria Wax Gelato in Geisha

After I set up my 20 watt warmer with a heaping pile of the wax. This wax is pretty old, and I feel like it has lost some scent over time, it’s become two-toned to like a grey and I think some of the dye and scent has dissipated. For this reason, and more to come in this post, I plan to avoid soft, scoopable wax in the future.

I went to take a quick shower in the world’s tiniest shower stall. I swear, the only thing I don’t love about my wee studio is the equally wee shower.


Do you see the two-tone also? That wasn’t like that before and it definitely wasn’t in the sun or anything. Disappoint.

I got out of the shower, and smelled the Geisha scent really pervading my kitchen. Unfortunately, this was not so much due to awesome scent throw as it was to my cats, Coffee and Cube fighting and knocking the warmer, spilling wax all over my kitchen. Lemme tell you, it was a bitch to clean up.

This was worsened by the fact that this wax was not Candles by Victoria’s hard scent shot wax, but her soft wax gelato. I couldn’t just let it dry and clean it up, and using a towel just spread the stuff.  Stay tuned, this story is gonna take a turn for the uglier.

I went to work, and got home later that day to find that Coffee had fallen in the toilet (his entire butt and right leg were soaked). He’s a big potato of a cat, and this was hilarious. See texts between ykristyn, Buberella, and me here.


I went to sleep and woke up the next morning… as you do.

The following morning, Coffee was still wet. What the eff. He also smelled beautiful (he usually smells like nothing). Shit. Coffee hadn’t fallen in the toilet, he had fallen in the candle wax.

I let Bubz and ykristyn know about Coffee’s updated status, and they quickly advised that we shave him. And blog this. I was both mortified and pretty pumped.

To avoid building that plot point up too much, I’ve been wiping Coffee down with soap and water on his butt for the last few days, which was effective enough to escape the razor.

Shortly, I will post my next review. Here’s a preview.


Coffee is now extremely wary of the tart warmer.